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March 13 - May 31 , 2024

The Rise of the Empath Leader

Humans are feeling dizzy and ambushed by the swiftly changing politial, economic, and social global environment. Information and new technologies are flying at us. Given this phenomena and following the pandemic, humans feel increasingly disconnected from themselves, from each other, form their work and social environments. The pressure to evolve at this high speed is overwhelming.

In these chaotic times, people are looking for leaders, guides, coaches, therapists, and advisors, who can help them find meaning and purpose in this new planetary landscape. People want entrepreneurs and corporations who put humans first and who value the Triple Bottom Line (TBL): management that equally prioritizes financial growth, individual well being, and planetary health (British management and sustainability expert, John Elkington). Or as thought leader and new world architect Amanda Flaker would say, “the win-win-win”.

The Empath Leader engenders all of these outcomes.

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This is the Era of Emotions

The last few decades revolved around the mind and created mainstream discussions and practices around thought management, mindfulness, and neuroscientific discoveries like neuroplasticity. Following the pandemic, we are seeing an exponential surge in normalizing psychotherapy and trauma healing modalities. Humans are more conscious of valuing their emotions as either impediments to, or propellers of, their life purpose and well being. Organizations are realizing that emotional health has a direct impact on work culture and productivity.

Leaders who know themselves emotionally and who value high empathy are able to foment a healthy emotional work atmosphere and cultivate meaning from their environment. Now more than ever, humans want to work for leaders and organizations that validate their internal experience and inspire them.

A study done by McKinsey (December 7, 2020 reported that the pandemic served as a before and after measure for highlighting corporations that validated their employees’ work-life upheaval, with 50 percent rating empathy as the top factor.

Humanity, the planet, and the times are crying out for a new type of leader who can respond to a turbulent environment using intuition, self-reflection, compassion and emotional intelligence.

Enter the Empath Leader.


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A term coined by Judith Orloff — a Harvard educated M.D. and an Empath herself — Empaths are highly sensitive, highly intuitive, and often highly spiritual individuals. Empaths are generally born sensitive, likely suffered as a child and became more empathic because of their family life, and learned to fine tune their empathic radar to be alert to any disharmony in their environment. Empaths are thus hard-wired to harmonize their environments as a survival mechanism and as a gift.

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Empaths have permeable energetic boundaries and can therefore deeply feel — when untrained, to their detriment — the feelings of others. It is worth underscoring that they are not just sympathetic to the feelings of others, they can literally feel the feelings of others in their own bodies, a unique and important distinction.

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High-functioning Empaths, or empowered Empaths, have learned to use their sensitivity, intuition, ability to read the emotional energy in a room, and their harmonizing skills to connect with many types of people and create a space that makes them feel seen and understood. These abilities are paramount for employee retention, task cohesion and productivity, and negotiations.

"All of my life I have been a sensitive soul taking on all energies around me, so I thought to myself, how could I possibly morph those qualities into a leadership role? That is Claudia’s genius!…. she will help you recognize your own genius during this four-month training. She will help you unpack and peel those layers that may be holding you back.'"

The Empowered Empath

When an Empath harnesses their sensitivity, understands internal and external boundaries, intentionally directs their intuition, they are naturally able to bring out exceptional leadership qualities that these times desperately need. The merging of high IQ and high EQ create a powerhouse leader.

Could this be you?

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Whether you're a coach,




or creator...



SPECIFIC SKILLS: You will fully understand and identify the skills you acquired in your upbringing; you will harness, redirect, and mobilize them into your leadership skills. You will also learn meditative and grounding skills.

The empowered Empath is sublime.

BOUNDARIES: You will learn the importance of energetic boundaries as well as external ones so that you can trust yourself.

You will know how to cultivate, an intentional work space wherein others trust your guidance and feedback.

Transparency and kind directness are key characteristics of the empowered Empath.

SUPER POWERS: You will sharpen your primary and natural powers: vision, collaboration, communication, and co-creation.

Your honed intuition, holistic ability to see many sides of a situation, and quick adaptability to many environments, will allow you to easily be able to understand and communicate to the people you lead, collaborate with, and create for.

Once coherent with your Empath nature, people will love the clarity of your vision and will follow it.

LEADERSHIP ALIGNMENT: You will understand that the alignment of your words with your actions is not just a leadership aspiration, it is the nucleus of the Empath nature.

Not only do you feel subtle energy misalignments, incongruences are actually painful to Empaths thus produces our drive to harmonize environments.

Empaths are born for the win-win negotiation approach.

PASSIONATE PURPOSE: You will understand that your passion and intensity at work — or anything else you do — is actually because you crave flow states that invoke high focus and piercing determination.

Empaths are commonly used for these characteristics but are often undervalued and you undervalue yourself through energetic osmosis.

You will learn to make your “intensity” your highest currency.

COACHING PACKAGE -- You recevei 6 one-on-one 50 minute sessions with me.

I am a healed Empath Leader, with over 23 years of psychotherapeutic experience, 40,000+ hours of individual and group work, and psycho-scientific-spiritual studies since 1984. I have studied the nuances of being an Empath in great detail and I'll pass that ALL to you.

OVER 40 RECORDINGS OF TEACHINGS -- every week you will receive recordings of the material we discuss on Wednesdays. These are yours to take home.

WEEKLY GROUP DISCUSSIONS: Live 90-minute group gatherings for teaching, skill development, sharing, and communing.


HIGH TOUCH, VIP RETREAT Week-end retreat in Washington, D.C., that includes self-care practices, luxurious meals, time for service and self-exploration, playing and communing.

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The Empath is propelled by a deeper spiritual meaning, a purpose, and needing to know “the why” behind what they are doing is fundamental. -- Prebel



Hi, I'm Claudia and I am a 23+ year seasoned psychotheratist and the creator of the Dynamic Meditation Method and the Dynamic R-Evolution Movement.


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In-person, VIP, high touch retreat in WashingtonD.C.

On this 3-day retreat, amidst practicing self-care and being playful, we also spend time learning about ourselves via written excercises, group shares, service, and leadership activities. We apply everything we learned the 10 weeks prior by observing group dynamics and energetics and speaking to them. Lots of intimacy, self-exploration, play, care, and communing!

Kayleigh says:

"Empath Leader has provided me with clarity, comfort and confidence."

As an

Empath Leader

you will create our new FUTURE

The times are calling for everything new across all spectrums and the Empath Leader not only leverages the true gifts of the Empath, but provides a leadership model that fits the zeitgeist and anomalizes humanity’s future.

Tech entrepreneur, Will Prebel, says it best:

If we train the next generation to regulate their nervous systems, understand their emotions, think holistically and spiritually, and value empathy and vision as leadership traits, we will not only alleviate much suffering, but create the opportunity for more of us to experience an abundant future.

What are the dates?

Training dates are March 13 - May 31, 2024 on Wednesday evenings for 90 minutes via ZOOM.

Who is it for?

C-Suite executives, leaders or aspiring leaders, coaches, psychotherapists, entrepreneurs, creators, and Empaths.

What is the cost?

The cost for 12 weeks is $8000 by 2/16/24 or HOLIDAY SPECIAL of $7000 by 1/12/24. Most institutions will provide reimbursement and I can provide an invoice that details the training. Multiple payment plan options available.

What does it include?

11 90-minute weekly group teachings and discussions. Coaching package of 6 one-on-ones with Claudia. Over 40 take-home recorded teachings and group sessions. A small library of books written by well-known Empaths for Empaths. A 3-day, high-touch retreat in Washington, D.C. (flight not included). A cohort of Empaths and leaders.

Carmen says

"I trust myself as a leader."

Working with Claudia



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