Awaken your Heart!

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Presenting a unique and powerful collaboration from




Los Angeles

Utah &

Washington, D.C.

A Monthly

Heart Awakening



Amanda Flaker,

Claudia Cauterucci, and

Dale Nieli

We invite you to a circle where you RECEIVE.

The three of us have spent hours weaving together our individual stories of mind-body-spirit and we have concocted a well spring of over 75 years combined experience, concepts, tools, processes, and movements to guide the wounded Empath into the land of resiliency, plenty, and empowerment.

This heart awakening time will detail the specifics of what it means to live a Heaven on Earth existence.

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Meet Amanda

Amanda Flaker is a New-Thought Leader and Visionary Empath. She uses creative innovation to help Empaths break out of lack, tweak conventional rules, and choose the unexplored path of the Abundance Matrix. Amanda's cornerstone is psychic intimacy with our Trinity Tech -- ourselves/others/planet -- (or what she calls the "win-win, win”). She's worked as a mentor and content creator for Empaths for close to 10 years. With over 2 million views on YouTube, Amanda invests her psychic prowess, anomalous ideas, and intuitive instincts, to inspire Empaths into the full power of their highly specialized human tech. She believes that when Empaths become Sovereign in their Craft, they break psychic bonds of mimic and anchor in the infinite potential of humanity’s creative urge. Amanda is live weekly on her private YouTube membership channel and can be heard on The Abundance Matrix Underground Podcast, where she is followed primarily by creatives, Empath Entrepreneurs, and Psychic Gridworkers.

Meet Claudia

Claudia Cauterucci is an Intuitive, trauma-informed psychotherapist with a private practice in downtown Washington, D.C. since 2003. Claudia was originally trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and expanded her modalities to include interpersonal, mindfulness, and neuroscientific approaches. She is bicultural, trilingual and her clients are healers, multicultural entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, authors, journalists, seekers, and thought leaders. Claudia identifies as a COLORFUL person rather than a person of color, an Empath Leader, and she has currently expanded her work to the training of Empath Leaders as well as psychospiritual coaching. She is the creator of the Dynamic Meditation Method and catalyst of the Dynamic R-Evolution Movement. She is a bestselling author of her co-authored book, The Diversity in Humanity, and has 2 upcoming books, Humanity 101 and Let the Light Shine Through Your Deepest Wounds. Her approach is based on the premise that we can heal each other through adult bonds of secure attachment.

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Meet Dale

Dale Nieli has sensed and read energy since childhood. Over the years, she’s cultivated this natural talent through extensive study via both formal degrees as well as mentorships. Dale practices as an Integrative Somatic Practitioner with ceritifications in MSW, C-IAYT, ChT, PNE, PHP. Now she’s a practiced master of embodied alchemy—tuning into the magic found in the quantum field. A grounded Empath, Dale utilizes a variety of interdisciplinary tools and vibrational techniques from sound healing to mind-body practices in order to guide people through the process of living in the natural rhythms of our daily lives. Her working experience includes a wide spectrum from psychiatric hospitals to A-list celebrities (she’s signed confidentiality agreements, so don’t ask for names!). Dale believes our vibrations, energy, and frequency creates our state of being. Dale facilitates the ability for all of us to understand and live the truth of how our body is our vision board.

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The Bridge from Lack Into Abundance

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The Heart and Human Intimacy

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The Embodied


Break free from mimic and Shadow Contracts with lack through creative/psychic anomaly.

Embrace the power of your Empathic tech, the role it plays in the creation of your reality, and its direct connection to the Abundance Matrix.

Turn on your creative intimacy with Heaven on Earth through awareness and amplification of your unique Psychic Signature of Abundance and its relationship with your Trinity Tech (Mind/Body/Heart).

Review attachment theory, its connection to root chakra healing, and its direct link to the Heaven on Earth life for the Empath.

Gain expertise on Human Intimacy -- the Empath's organic sensuality and extra sensory perceptions -- and how, when channeled, they can provide a continuous orgasmic, life experience.

Identify Heaven on Earth language, tools, and rituals that bridge us from 3D lack into 5D abundance.

Learn somatic practices to regulate the central nervous system and become an embodied, abundant Empath.

Understand the role of safety to create abundance via the polyvagal theory, the pineal gland, and the recticular activating system.

Embody abundance using somatic practices, chakra alignment, sound bowls, and breathwork.

August 5, 2023

12pm-3pm EST

11am-2pm MST

9am-12pm PST

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